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Peter is in the kitchen, having a late-night snack.

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I thought you'd gone with her.


Can you come over here and help me?


He is honest.

Do you think you might recognize Rex?

I've run this morning.

At worst, I will get an average mark.

I was in Boston.

The work must be completed by tomorrow.

Jem knows a lot of stuff about Bradley.

With his lace and embroideries, and his crown of blue ribbon and whalebone, he looked like the king of babies.

That bag is mine.

The hunter wore camouflage clothing.

Some lion Bruce Willis is chasing is a formidable animal, but is not ferocious.


I substitute honey for jam.


It's nothing personal, Moran.

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She went to the store on her bike.

It's in the cabinet.

Why don't you just stay home and take it easy?

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I'd rather hang out with Susanne.

You lie.

I thought it strange that he didn't turn up.

Don't tense up.

We're deeply concerned by that.


It's six degrees below zero.

Only take it if your hand's clean.

He looked in all directions, but didn't see anyone.

Were you able to make it to the station on time to catch the first train this morning?

My friends treated me to a meal.

We'll never ever forget them.

Jeanne said Neville was a good driver.

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She is one of the best ballerinas in the world.

The weakest go to the wall.

What you say is more important than how you say it.

It must have been tough for you.

More people came than we expected.


I've been touched by death.

Keep in mind that you're not as young as you used to be.

Never tell a lie.

Often Mark doesn't grasp things right away.

Why were you angry?

Jelske has tattoos all over his body.

He's always talking shit about me.

A red light was glowing in the dark.

That she did fabricate them is not more inconsistent with probability, than that she should tell us, as she has done, that she could and did work miracles.

The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.

I don't act like you.

There is no telling what he is thinking.

The first sentence is the most important sentence of the book.

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There are many long words in the German language.


The ticket for your return journey has been arranged for.

I am going to Tokyo tomorrow.

They expected the British to win.


There's no better option.


Alison wanted to marry a man with ambition.


Sentence #2416352 is my first ever contribution in Tatoeba.

Edmond goes to that restaurant for lunch every other day.

Even if you find a solution to change the color of your skin, they are going to continue to hate you. Racists are racists and you shouldn't be stupid with them.

Annihilation gives birth to my rebirth.

His behavior is my primary concern.

What do you want for Christmas, Jenny?

There's no one with Thomas.

They said they were dissatisfied with their low wages.

I would never feed my dog commercial dog food.

Career opportunities, flex-time, satellite offices, and more childcare facilities are required to make women at home join the work force.

The boy riding a bicycle is my brother.

Now stop crying.

I don't know whether George will come or not.

Could you spare me a few minutes?

He did not finish the marathon.

Susumu tried to talk Terri out of doing that.

Algebra is a branch of mathematics.

The tallest and smallest men in the world both joined the circus.

Can you recite the names of the seven deadly sins according to the Christian religion?

I don't have time to do all the things that need to be done.

I'm not angry at him.


It will snow tomorrow according to the weather forecast.


We call that color "midnight blue".


One should love one's mother tongue.

Dalton found his house vandalized.

Israel is staying with his mother.

Ravindran doesn't want it.

As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake.


Sedat never told Socorrito about it.


Won't you have another cup of coffee?

He contributed to the common good.

She went about the household chores.

Dori almost fainted.

Sorrel is the champion.

I think you're going to enjoy yourself tonight.

He is trying to keep up with the current of the times.

He said good-bye for good.

I am knackered.

It's a story about a man who dies without ever finding true love.

I like to talk to people in their native languages.

I've had lots of chances.

Why are you complaining?

Archie was sleeping.

The pilot is 30 years of age.


What classes did you have today?

It makes me sad to think of her death.

I have to remind you of your promise.

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Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act makes it illegal to take an endangered species of fish or wildlife.


That's exactly what the problem is.


These things are much better spoken about face to face so that we can draw diagrams and demonstrate timings on logic analyzers and oscilloscopes where necessary.

It's not good enough.

I want him to go there.

We should be talking to Jennifer.

I don't think you heard me the first time.

We got an anonymous call.

What fun we had yesterday!

You're special, Raghu.

Tell me who you thought I was.

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The issue split the party.

Why don't we go swimming?

A kiss in the woods is better than ten in hand.

I would like to have dinner.

He contributed a lot of money to the charity.


I don't think I'll go to college.

We had a history quiz this morning.

I suggest you let us handle this.

Is Mann trying to ruin our evening?

I traveled all through Spain.


Blog means "web log".

Could I change rooms?

Class doesn't begin until eight-thirty.

I owe you 300 dollars.

I slowly got down the Uyghur language.

We need medical supplies.

Your friend is a namby-pamby.

The clouds cleared up and let the sun shine.

She would not change her mind.


We need you to tell us why you were absent all last week.

For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die.

I think she will do for a teacher.

I consider you a princess.

Can you tell me what I should do?


Vance wants to know what to do next.

All of my relatives are taller than me.

I have no food in my house.

I remembered one.

Do you have any ideas about it?

The period is referred to as the Stone Age.

The public is requested not to litter in these woods.

I like to annoy Ira.

Let's visit her.

Your skirt is out of fashion.

Do you not also think so?

Bamboo bends before the wind.

He is a inspector

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We found all the boxes empty.

I don't want to sell you anything.

What makes you think Benson will listen?

If you don't mind my asking, why did you go out yesterday?

Luke has to go to a hospital.


It's really nothing to worry about.


Where did Daddy go?

It seems that he took me for my sister.

Milo could say no.

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He is the very man that I'm looking for.

Get ready for a shock.

According to your story, Knut left this bakery around 7 o'clock.

Do you know the concert schedule of London Symphony Orchestra?

She is a selfish woman.

Do you recognize anything?

They never spoke to us.